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We design, manufacture, and roll out the most advantageous solutions for public transport operators. CIBEST’s recognized, forward-looking expertise provides complete and integrated solutions to international customers for video surveillance, passenger counting, onboard communications systems, software engineering, and digital signage.

Our values






Our history


CIBEST opens for business in Besançon and focuses on three main activities: on-site or subscription software, integration of IT equipment and software, publication of the Aquiweb software for workshop and production monitoring (MES).


CIBEST becomes a major player in the public transport sector through its software engineering and customer solutions.


The company undergoes a transition with the goal to become experts in image processing solutions.


The range of products and services CIBEST offers expands with newer and more diverse solutions: video surveillance, passenger counting, rear vision video systems, and passenger information.

Our vision

All of our products and technologies are developed using market-based standards such as those found within ITxPT, ONVIF, and 5G IP digital technology. The sharing and convergence of systems make up the core of our business. CIBEST products integrate seamlessly into our customers’ ecosystems and can be shared across a variety of formats.

Our commitment

CIBEST, through its daily commitment to public transport, contributes to the development of shared mobility.

Our teams provide customers with a high level of operational excellence from the design of solutions to their implementation in the transport networks. Our integrated Software Engineering, Video surveillance, passenger counting and passenger information solutions contribute to more attractive, easier to access and safer public transport.
Innovation and the full integration of new technologies are at the heart of our priorities, and we pay special attention to the selection of our partners and suppliers, as well as the recruitment of our future talent. Since June 2020, CIBEST has been confirming its eco-responsible approach alongside the NFB by planting one tree per vehicle equipped with its solutions.

Thanks to our employees, our partners and suppliers, our customers, together we contribute to make CIBEST a player in the continuous improvement of public transport!

Jean Michel FAVARO
President of CIBEST Group

Our teams

CIBEST is made up of experienced engineers and technicians who are dedicated to research and development. Our optimal organisational style not only provides our customers with top-notch technical expertise but also with quick responses to any changes to the scope of a project.

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