We help transport network operators and manufacturers optimize their video surveillance, promote their networks, and operate their systems. Our 30 years of experience and development are the backbone of our products, which include our expansion into image acquisition, onboard infrastructures, secure and encrypted links, and image processing using our AI analyses.

Onboard video surveillance

We have a large range of products to suit your onboard video surveillance needs for buses, trams, trains, and subways All of our systems have been designed to operate under the challenging conditions found in public transport. Each system complies with certifications and standards for onboard products (e-mark, EN50155, EN45545, etc.). Looking for real- or delay-time processing? AI-driven analysis of sequencing? Centralized monitoring and reviewing? Our innovative solutions give you solid answers to all of your requirements. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your ecosystems (VSCS, VMS, etc.) Smart digital recorders, high-definition IP cameras, wayside to onboard communications. Remote Video and Passenger Communications with live video streaming and instant replay. Integration with customers’ existing third party onboard and Back Office systems (vehicle scheduling and passenger information systems, VMS). We provide an open platform whilst complying with the most important interconnection and data management standards for the transport industry, including ITxPT and ONVIF.

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Passenger counting

Our high precision passenger counting solutions determine the boarding and exiting numbers in a vehicle with over 98% accuracy. CIBEST uses stereoscopic 3D image processing to refine your knowledge of your network and use passenger habits as the key to shaping the best service and offers in your region These technologies are part of active resistance to fraud by identifying critical lines and times. Our centralized, shared system gives you everything you need in one quick glance to operate and direct your fleet of vehicles under optimal and efficient conditions.

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Digital rear vision video systems

Smart rear vision video systems used as essential security devices in buses, trams, BRT, and trains are boosted by our digital IP technology. CIBEST’s digital IP solutions incorporate ruggedized screens and weatherproof exterior cameras, which improve the difficult manoeuvring conditions your drivers face. The rear vision video system has an easy-to-use interface and a sleek design. It flawlessly integrates innovative functions and algorithms for better decision making into the driver’s cab.

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Onboard WiFi system

With MVBOX and MVMANAGE: Give your passengers the ultimate travel experience. CIBEST’s onboard WiFi solution can adapt to any of your vehicles and not only lets your passengers stay connected, but it also gives you data on passenger behavior and helps geolocate your fleet.

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